We all need a little help now and again…design is a collaborative process after all. 

I know how it feels. Whether building or renovating, it is so easy to feel overwhelmed by all the difficult decisions that need to be made.

There’s the constant worry of making the wrong choices, blowing the budget or building the wrong thing. Whats more, with all the confusing and conflicting advice out there, it can seem impossible to know where to start.

Maybe you’ve hit the design brick wall.

No matter how hard you try or how long you look at it, there is something just not right about your current design. You know it is important to get the design right now, before any construction work starts, but you just can’t seem to solve the problem.

Perhaps you are planning to buy a design off plan and want a second opinion, or maybe you just need some honest feedback on your ideas, or a little support and guidance to set you out on the right path.

Its OK to ask for help.

Sometimes a second pair of eyes is all you need. Someone impartial to talk to, a person who knows their stuff and has been through it all countless times before.

Thats why I have created these simple, affordable, consultation packages outlined below. Whatever your situation, we will address all of your concerns, providing clear, honest advice as well as actionable steps to move your project forward.

Ultimately it’s your design and whether you take my advice or not is entirely up to you.

My aim is to help set the groundwork for your project and ensure you get the big design decisions right so that the smaller ones are that much easier later on.

Design Review
Project Briefing Questionnaire
Comprehensive Design Review
60 minute Skype call
Written Report
Sketch Design
Project Briefing Questionnaire
Comprehensive Design Review
60 minute Skype call
Detailed Report
Concept Design Plans
Inspiration Package
VIP Package
Project Briefing Questionnaire
Comprehensive Design Review
2 x 60 minute Skype calls
Detailed Report
Concept Design Plans
Inspiration Package
Cost Estimate
Concept Elevations
Interactive 3D Model of Design
Interior and Exterior Perspectives
Outline Specification

It all begins with our questionnaire.

A product of countless client meetings over 20 years in the construction industry, I have worked hard on getting this just right.  The detailed questionnaire allows us to understand your requirements and motivations for the project, the work that has already been undertaken and your concerns or frustrations with the current situation.

We are then ready to schedule a 60 minute Skype meeting where we will:

– Discuss your project in detail.

– Highlight what areas of the current design you are happy with, and what areas need improvement.

– Generate design strategies and ideas to help solve your problems.

Where we go from there is up to you.

Maybe thats all you needed. If so thats great!

If you need more help we can get sketching, working on hand-drawn alternatives for you to consider (there are usually 2-3 options). This will form part of a detailed report I will send out to you. The report will also clarify your design objectives,  provide honest feedback on the design as a whole, as well as inspirational images to get your creative juices flowing … its pretty comprehensive!

You might then choose one of the sketch options to be worked up into an interactive 3D model, complete with elevations, interior and exterior perspectives. We’ll also throw in a cost estimate for the project and even write up an outline specification to help you get things costed.

I can help you as little or as much as you like.

If you have any queries about the consulting packages or would like to find out more please do not hesitate to contact me using the form below

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