Architect Yourself is a place to learn the fundamental skills and insider knowledge you need to design your own home.

We focus on simple, affordable, sustainable design for the creation of meaningful spaces suited to the modern world.

If you are like me you’ve struggled to bridge the gap between the house you want and the house you can afford. Its easy to be seduced by all those glossy magazines and exciting TV shows…but the reality always seems to be so different.

Our homes are important in so many ways.

They form a backdrop to a significant part of our daily lives – a place for rest and relaxation, entertaining and gathering together, work and study.  Houses are the biggest investment we will ever make and are the places that memories are formed – so its vital we get this stuff right.

There are perfectly acceptable, affordable houses out there but more often than not they need a lot of work. Or you could find a piece of land and build your dream home from scratch – its just so hard to know where to start.

Lets be honest, we need help. We all know that architect’s fees are not cheap – and there’s no guarantee you will like what they produce.

Nobody knows what you and your family need better than you… what if you could design it yourself?

Im not talking about the complicated, technical stuff, but the overall look and feel of your home. Its all about getting the basics right – getting rooms the right size and shape and putting them where you want them, choosing materials and prioritising your spending to get the most out of your budget.

Imagine the feeling of living in your modern, comfortable home that fits perfectly around how you live….. you will be so proud you designed it yourself!


At Architect Yourself you will find:

  • Practical, actionable and insightful articles with everything you need to know about designing your own home.
  • Clear step-by-step tutorials on things like drawing your own plans, doing site analysis or building a 3D model.
  • Honest reviews of architectural design software,  design books and building products and how best to use them in your own projects.

Whether you are buying, building or renovating – my goal is to give you the know-how to confidently speak the language of construction, and the skills to take a lead role in the design of your dream home.


Hi, Im Mark. I am an architect, a father, a DIY enthusiast and serial renovator..I am also the founder of Architect Yourself.

A few years ago, I had everything I thought I wanted. I was working as an architect for a high profile London practice, designing huge, award winning homes for super rich clients.

But I just wasn’t happy…

I looked around at the houses being built for everyone else, the houses I could afford to buy myself, and to me the standards seemed so poor in comparison. Why should only an elite few benefit from good design?

I was also teaching Architectural Design to university students as well as renovating my own home on evenings and weekends.

It was hard work and life was hectic, but I found I got a great satisfaction and pride from sharing my knowledge with others and working with my hands.

Things finally came to a head, and we decided to make the leap and move to Australia in search of a better, simpler life.

We now have our first child and we are bringing him up in a house we designed and built ourselves. Im no expert on success but I know a little bit about happiness..

Let me help you build the house you and your family deserve